Guido Perez Orue

Producer, Composer, Session Musician, Teacher



Guido Perez Orue is a music composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and teacher with over 25 years of experience.

He has a degree in musical composition from the National University of Arts (Argentina), and also took private lessons of piano, guitar and violin, in jazz, popular and academic genres.

Both playing and producing, he participated in several bands of popular styles such as jazz, funk, tango and rock, as well as in academic chamber music and orchestral projects.

He recorded and composed two albums with Jazz-Soul-Funk projects, did audiovisual works and music for movies, as well as participated in theater plays creating live improvised music.

As a social worker, he taught violin in poor neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, as well as coordinated percussion ensemble workshops in prison contexts.

Piano & keys - Reels



Playing Live

Violin, Guitar & Piano

Music for films
& other audiovisual works

"El primer beso" - OST

"Fernandez-Pratsch" - OST

"SueƱan los bots con ser poetas"
- Live Improvisation

"Cyclopes" - Music
& Stop motion Animation

Music for Videogames

Donkey Kong
Country 2

Bomberman 64

Portal 2

Redout 2

Music Albums

Sheet music

Graduation Thesis
(bachelor's degree in composition)

Composition for "NOMO"
(jazz/neo-soul quintet)



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